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My first input!

Hello readers,

This is Megan and this is a wonderful and shiny reboot of my blog which never had such an incredible look as you might recall. Well, have to thank Peter for an idea to learn to use WordPress finally. (still sloppy at it, tho).

So I will try to repost my most popular posts from the last version of the website and try to make a wonderful post at least once a month depending on my schedule. Got a new job as a waitress recently so this will not be as easy.

Stay tooned!



Best gifts for your boyfriend

So it’s Martins birthday soon and as always I have found myself in a dilema on what to buy him is a gift. My bff Julia helped me and we came up with an amazing solution, however if you one of those birthday gift strugglers as I am, this article will help you for sure. Know your boyfriend well, and you will forget all the gift creativity issues.

So sometimes it is hard to express how one feels to their beloved boyfriend and the best thing is to just gift him. Other times it is his birthday, or your anniversary. Maybe it is a yearly function like Valentine ’s Day or he has probably won an award or excelled in something. There are many reasons as to why one may want to gift their boyfriend but sometimes it is a hard decision, what one should get for him.
Whatever personality, predisposition, age or occasion it is, there are certain special gifts that he can get from you:

1. Music lover
Get him his current favorite record for his birthday. One can also record his favorite playlist on his iPod or insert the playlist wherever he listens to the music. Whenever he is listening to it in his car or while going to bed, he can think of you. Is this not great?

2. Sports person
If he is a guy who adores sports, a particular team or a specific type of sport, get him the team’s blanket. He will think of you whenever he is sleeping. A jersey or a jacket of a favorite team is also a great present for this amazing man in your life. Tickets to an oncoming game that he likes are also a brilliant idea.

3. Food.
If it is his birthday, Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, and you are still not sure what to get him, cook him dinner. If you are a professional chef or even if you know basic skills, this should not be an issue. However, if you have little to no idea about what a kitchen is, check the internet for food recipes and try them out a couple of days earlier, so as to establish what to prepare on that day. Another option if you are not kitchen friendly is to take him out for dinner.

4. Movies and shows
Your guy may like a certain show but have no access to the show for certain various reason. You can decide to get him the full episodes of the favorite movie or show. It is a great birthday gift and the two of you can watch it together.

5. Picture frame, scrap book, slide or photo album
This is certainly going to be a memory for quite a long while. Get your main guy a decorated picture frame with a cute picture of the both of you. Prepare him a slide of the memories you have had. One can also get a whole photo album or scrap book that has photos of just the two of you and your adventures in it. If need be, you can include friends memories as well. This is an amazing anniversary gift.

6. Gamer
If your boyfriend is a video gamer, get him the latest game, or the game that he has wanted or a long time. An interesting twist in this gift is that you can send him on scavenger hunt, which is an outdoor game; so that he can find the new Xbox video game that you got him. Another option to really enjoy this is to have a friend hide this video game so that both of you can go into this hunt together. This gift will be etched in both of your minds for a long time to come.

7. Outdoor/Camping guy
Get him a new camping kit that can accommodate both of you if his is a bit worn out. Even if not worn out, he will still appreciate this gift, so don’t shy away from getting him what he likes.

8. Long term boyfriend
If you absolutely know your boyfriend and have been with him for quite some time, get him a list of sentimental things that you know will touch his heart. For instance, if he is turning 25, get him a large box, with a list of the 25 things he likes or will remember, and let him open it one by one. You can also send him on a scavenger hunt where he will search for the 25 items, one after another, till he finds them all. Let the hunt not be hard and hectic though because it might not be worth it

9. Kinky boyfriend

Well. if you happen to have a boyfriend that is absolutely crazy about the love making and totally adores adult games, you can find something super exciting in this department as well. Give him a gift which will not let him feel alone when you are not around :)) .If he is not shy and knows how kinky you are yourself, and will react to it cool without freaking out, consider giving him this oral sex simulator

I know… wtf, Megan… But from my previous inputs you should know how naughty I sometimes get :). Btw these gadgets also work in a pair, so you can have some fun time when you are away from each other.

Also some of these toys might actually even benefit you as well. For example this fleshlight stu device promises to make your boyfriend an absolute lasting in bed champion. Hmm… hope the ads don’t lie… lol.

These are just some of the things a girl can get for her boyfriend to melt his heart. Some may be a bit costly, other cost nothing but your skills. Do the best you can with what you have at hand, and watch him remember you always. Get the best gift for your boyfriend today and cement your relationship.